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We have a service available that will assist in fixing bad credit and Australian and New Zealand credit reports. If you are having difficulty obtaining finance due to adverse credit history and require a credit repair service, please give us a call today. We will discuss how to fix your credit rating by removing public record information, summons, clear outs, court writs, judgements, cross files, and disputed entries from your credit report.

What credit issues can Fix Bad Credit improve?

100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. You may request a refund of the service provided all of the following conditions have been met;

  1. Fix Bad Credit has been unable to remove, fix, correct or improve any obsolete, unverifiable or incorrect items on your credit listing within 2 years of Fix Bad Credit receiving a signed and valid “Fee Agreement” form, AND
  2. The information provided by you to Fix Bad Credit is true and correct in all material particulars and is in no way incorrect, false or misleading, AND
  3. Further information or actions requested from you by Fix Bad Credit has been provided within a reasonable period of time.

Who is Fix Bad Credit?

  • We provide a user friendly and affordable approach for solutions to repairing bad credit rating reports.
  • Combined legal experience of 35 years.
  • Combined finance experience 25 years.
  • Operations and legal team has 35 years of experience in credit dispute resolution.
  • 35 years research in legislation relating to credit report recording.

Why Fix Bad Credit came about?

  • Adverse listings on consumer credit reports.
  • Credit Reporting Agencies not being accurate in recording consumer credit information.
  • Credit providers who are recording incorrect information to the detriment of consumers.
  • Individuals being incorrectly pursued for debt belonging to someone else.
  • Consumers not being informed of listings or inquiries on their credit report.

Contact us today for a free credit report assessment and fix your bad credit today.